Saturday, June 16, 2012

In fact of Oshima tsumugi now

Oshima tsumugi is one of the most difficult textile to make in the world though
Its a declining industry now.
It had been 10 million sales 30years ago.
Weaving women got a lot of money for the salary.
It was around 2 thousand dollar per 1 roll.
But now
Its around 2 handred dollar per 1 roll now.

Many people does not want to make Ooshima tsumugi.

Also people who engage to make Ooshima tsumugi is getting to be older.
Because Young people does not want to engage to make Ooshima tsumugi.
Even if people who engage to make it want to succeed this traditional technique,
No one was hand over by such as people cause small demand.

There are just a few people under 30 years old.

There are a lot of process to make Ooshima tsumugi.

1. Dyeing yarn( doro zome )
2. Making ikat ( shime bata )
3. Weaving thread

Each part of process has specialist.
So no one can make Ooshima tsumugi as one person.

Its a polytheism so its very strong system to keep doing Ooshim tsumugi though it does not has genius.

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