Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ito umi ( to spin Yarn )

This is a short film to spin yarn for Yuki-tsumugi.


A women is spinning yarn from Mawata which is floss silk by her hand.
She put her saliva to yarn when she spins.
It makes yarn glossy and strength.
This process is very important, difficult and to take long time.

Basically It needs there month to spin yarn for one Kimono Even someone who is master of to spin it.
We call length of Kimono textile as "tan".
One Kimono needs one tan of textile.

It almost over to be succeed this technique.
No one want to do this in Japan now.

Although every process of to make Kimono textile is amazing, special, unique and spreme technique in Japan, in the world too
we are loosing it little by little.

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